Energy & Renewables

For over a decade, MBA Construction has been a leader in the energy sector, building in the types of remote areas that are typical to this industry. With the demand of energy continuously growing, renewable energy continues to gain momentum.  MBA Construction has the experience and ability to deliver renewable energy projects and subcontract support in the toughest of terrains.  Our company was built to work on remote industrial projects and you will find our list of services to be a benefit to your project. Whether we’re designing, building, growing, or sustaining your facility, we have the resources to maximize efficiencies throughout construction and the facilities operation.

Industrial Electrical Work

We have extensive industrial electric construction experience. MBA is fully qualified to provide industrial electricians to plan and carry out electrical system design and construction from start to finish.

Wind Power and Solar Energy

We have also constructed projects for the Wind and Solar Power Industries and numerous LEED projects nationwide. Wind power is not only affordable and abundant, but it also creates jobs and a steady income for investors and landowners. In addition to wind power, solar energy has increasingly become more popular thanks for technological leaps. MBA can provide O&M facilities, concrete, electrical, mechanical, and civil packages as needed.

Power Transmission & Substation Construction

Every wind farm or renewable power source needs accompanying support substations and power transmission facilities. MBA is highly experienced in substation construction and can provide the necessary equipment and design expertise to efficiently transfer the power from your energy source to its destination.

We Have the Necessary Experience

Through our knowledge and experience, we have developed an understanding of how complex renewable energy projects are, therefore we’re able to shape our expertise to meet the unique needs of your renewable project and provide a superior building experience. From start to finish, our construction team at MBA Construction will ensure your project’s success in the wind and solar markets. For your next renewable energy construction project, contact MBA today at (855) 785-7171.