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We are proud to be an authorized dealer for Calhoun Super Structures operating throughout the western United States. With over two decades of experience, Calhoun’s structures are one of the most trusted and long-lasting on the market. Our partnership with Calhoun provides our customers with innovative engineering, exceptional design, and the strongest fabric structures in the industry. 

Why Choose a Fabric Building?

As an alternative to conventional buildings, fabric buildings have become a preferred solution in the construction marketplace. There are several benefits of choosing a fabric building installed by the experts at MBA Construction.

Customizable & Clear-Span Design

Fabric buildings can be constructed to nearly any dimension, roof pitch, or peak height to fit unique designs and maximize use of space. The look of the buildings can be further customized through colors, logos, or other printing. The high ceiling and absence of internal posts will allow you to utilize every available square foot for moving or storing large equipment. From standard products to fully customized buildings, MBA can provide a perfect solution for any situation.

Lighting: Energy Efficient

Fabric roofs provide up to 12% translucency, which increases the natural light in the structure. This helps reduce or even eliminate the need for artificial lighting during daylight hours. Furthermore, skylights and solar panels can be integrated into the design of fabric structures. Brighter spaces create happier people.

Corrosion Proof

Fabric structures use hot dip galvanizing to guard against deterioration and corrosion due to salt, fertilizer, sludge, fertilizer, etc.  If you live in a corrosive environment or need to store corrosive materials, fabric structures are ideal.

Flame Retardant

While no building is completely resistant to the impact of fire, fabric buildings that incorporate flame retardant fabric will help protect you and your building from internal and external fires.


Fabric buildings are significantly quicker to design and construct than traditional wood or steel buildings. Not only are our fabric buildings installed quickly, but they also have the option of being easily relocated, making it an ideal building solution for nearly any project.


Whereas steel and wood buildings get cold in the winter, hot in the summer, and require high HVAC efforts for a comfortable environment, Calhoun Fabric structures do not conduct radiant temperatures. Thus, they require much less effort to keep a comfortable environment.

Through quality materials, innovative solutions, and a team of highly skilled craftsmen, MBA Construction will provide you with the most reliable series of fabric structures in the industry.  From start to finish, the success of your project is our goal. For your next fabric building construction project, contact MBA today at (855) 785-7171.

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